Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ben Turns 21 in Satelite, Brazil

January 7, 2013

Dear Family,

This week has been interesting.  We didn’t have a lot of time to work normally because we had a bunch of meetings and Ano Novo was really hard to work with (no one was at home and if they were not partying they were all hung over).  We got transfers and I will stay here in Satelite. Elder Carvalho is going to his last area to be a Zone Leader for Cidade Nova.  They are reopening the zone there.  So now my zone is more manageable:  only 7 companionships. I am liking my area but I think that I need to get to know the members better.  So I wanted to plan visits and teach the families here to help them get more involved with the work.

It has started, the rainy season.  It is raining almost every day in the afternoon.  The rain comes in fast and is like a wall of water. It’s pretty cool but you get soaked super fast.  

So I made a peach pie last night and it turned out pretty well.  I think that I will start to make pies a lot more often because they are easy to make, relatively healthy, and they are really delicious. This week we went running a few times as well it was great but I am afraid that I am gaining weight again; the members here make really good dinners for us that frequently have a dessert.

I am really sorry for two short letters in a row; I have had problems using my time wisely, reading and writing letters so I promise that next week will be better.  I have to go know but I will write letters this afternoon and send them next week.

I love you all and thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!

Elder Clark

January 7, 2013


Hey bud, what’s up?  I hope you are doing well.  I have been missing you a lot.  I wish that I could be there to go sledding and have snow ball fights with you.  I hope that you had a great Christmas and that this New Year will be spectacular.

I have a few questions for you:  1) What was the coolest thing you did this break?  2) What did you give for Christmas?  3) What did you get for Christmas and how will you use the things you got?

I didn’t get much for Christmas in the form of presents but it was still one of my best Christmases ever, because I got to give some really good gifts.  Next year maybe we can go caroling together and shovel snow for old ladies in the ward. : )

I was just thinking about service and thought about the priesthood and how you will be ordained a deacon in May.  That is really exciting.  I hope you are preparing and are excited to help and serve others! 

Dan, I love you!!!

Your brother, Ben

January 14, 2013

Hey Dad/ Family,

So my week has been good. Elder Leite is pretty cool and we are working well together.  We had a baptism on my B-day and Felipe chose me to baptize him!!!!  That was a really nice birthday present.  My zone is full of problems but we have made plans that I think will help a lot.  There is a companionship of sisters that is really new in the mission. One is finishing her training and the other has finished her 3 transfer.  They are in an area that is really tough as well.  We will visit them a few times this next week to help out.  

Thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes!  I felt loved.  This last week I got my b-day package so I have been enjoying my new PJ's and Saturday I made the brownies with the fudge topping. Man, talk about good.  In the evening there was a cake at the baptism.  During the day the mother of a young man in the ward that helps us a lot gave me something that is close to fudge, and after almoço Irmã Maria (recent convert) gave us guiabada which is like a fruit preserve that is really good with cream.  Yah, so I felt really unhealthy but it was my b day.  Pres. Scisci and Sis. Scisci called me to wish me happy b day and that was nice.  Also E. Oliveira called me to wish me happy birthday as well.  So it was a good b-day.

Elder Leite is from Minha Gerais which is in the south of Brazil and they say it gets cold there but I don’t believe them ( : We have gone running two times already and that has been great.  I have gotten a lot better at doing exercises in the mornings and I am hoping to be more prepared to run with Emma when I get back, and climb Kings Peak.

I had an interview with President Scisci this week and that was really nice.  I felt a lot better afterwards and I will try to apply more principals of planning and leadership in my area and zone.  My zone has problems....  but we are working with that.  

We had some really cool experiences teaching unmarried couples about the law of chastity.  I feel like I have come to understand the law of chastity much better recently and we are having a lot of success teaching these couples and we are going to help them get married.  Thanks mom and dad, for keeping the commandments.  Our family is so blessed.

Oh dad, not many people knew about my b-day but I was sung to multiple times.  It only drizzled a little but was cloudy so not super hot.  It was a swell day and I felt your love.

Got to go!!!! Hope that you all have a great week.

Elder Clark