Monday, August 22, 2011

Week #2 in the MTC 8/22/11

This week has been pretty hard but it turned out alright.  My district is really cool and we have a lot of fun together.  We have been working on our soccer skills and a little bit of volley ball.  I feel like Portuguese is coming along much faster than it was the first week.  The words are starting to have meanings of their own instead of the English equivalent.  I don't sleep very well here. I'm not sure why, but I keep waking up in the middle of the night (its super hot in our dorms, the AC doesn't work). 
We had a great talk on Sunday about locking your heart and obeying the rules.  There were a lot of stories about really dumb things missionaries have done that had really bad consiquences for them.  I decided that I wouldn't do anything that crazy on my mission (making bombs, jumping onto trains, and getting swept off rocks by waves).  Concerning the locking the heart thing, I just decided that everything will work out in two years and that's not something that I need to lose sleep over.  I really enjoy getting mail from you guys.  It's great.  If you haven't sent the care package yet, if you could send me some more soccer shorts that would be great.  
Funny story.  I put my towel in the wash with my garments (pretty much everything except my dress shirts) and they all turned blue.  I just laughed.  I feel like the MTC is one big sauna.  It's super hot all the time and I'm all sticky with sweat. Gross.  Sundays are the worst because we have to wear our suit coats everywhere.  In my branch meeting for district and zone leaders, I had sweet dripping down the side of my face.  I think its rather ironic that the people presiding over the meetings are all old and have slow metabolisms and apparently don't get hot while all the elders bake in their suits.  I decided that if I ever become a general athority or something like that I won't make the elders where their jackets all the time. 
Out of time.  I'll send a letter in the mail.  Forward stuff to Ellis please. 
Love Ben

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