Thursday, November 17, 2011

Drinking coconuts, committing to baptism, sign language for "I have to vomit"

Man, this week was crazy.
We have a new investigator who is married to a member, and they live way far away so we have walked for miles and miles every day this week. Crazy.  I am getting better at my Portuguese but I still get frustrated when I don't understand what is going on.  I have to try really hard to keep paying attentions instead of zoning out when I am listening to people.  Well that's just the normal stuff.  Here's some more interesting stuff that happened this week. 
I was attacked by a ferocious dog.  Picture a 6-inch tall, scruffy looking poodle with fangs too big for its head... Well, the true story is it snapped at my heal and then I noticed it.  Not much of a threat.  Most of the dogs here are actually really mello and they are generally scruffy and dirty, and they like to lounge around in the street and in the shade.  It's pretty hot here for them I think.  They do a lot more at night. 
I harvested my first coconut and it was delicious.  After watching Elder Bearnson try to open one and fail miserably, I decided to use my handy dandy pocket knife, and that worked much better for us.
I got to teach a lesson with Elder Silva that turned out awesome.  This investigator (Consuelo) was really cool she was very interested and wanted us to talk to her daughter and share our message with her too.  In this lesson I got to do a lot more talking, and I felt like even though Consuelo didn´t understand everything I said, she understood the jist of what I was saying and I commited her to baptism.  Whoot!  Unfortunately, here it's not that hard to get people to commit to baptism.  Most of them do, and then don't follow through later down the line.  A lot of the time people don´t come to church and that is why we drop them.  There is a lot of partying here every night and especially on the weekends, and that makes it hard for people that aren't super dedicated to come to church.
In a fireside last night we had after stake conference, President Campos talked and anounced two things.  After his really great talk on members being involved in missionary work (the best part was when he used video clips from that were in English with subtitles) he announced that we where going to get another set of missionaries in Abaetetuba and that the construction of a chapel is going to start at the end of the year!  Everyone was really happy and it took my a bit to understand what was going to happen.  It was great.  A lot of people were crying (for joy) and it was amazing to see.
I get to brag about my Mormon heritage a lot.  Everyone here is a convert and they always ask me how long I've been a member.  Funny, no one asks that in the U.S.
Oh yeah, and on Saturday I got really sick.  We were in Janaina's house (our recent convert) teaching her, her mom, and her sister, when it started raining.  Right about this time I started feeling like I was going to throwup but I didn't want to say anything and I didn't know how.  I was going to wait it out but the rain kept coming down really hard so I ended up asking where I could throw up in Portuguese and international sign language.  We rested the rest of the day.  I'm better now.
Well, I'm out of time.
Love you all!

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