Monday, March 19, 2012

The commandments make so much more sense here on my mission

Hey Everyone,

Hey Mom, can you edit the letters I send and forward them to my friends? It's much easier for me that way.

So, I don't have much time to write today, but this past week was really great. We baptized again (sorry I don't have a picture yet). The young woman, Ataizi, was baptized and the baptism was great. She cried during the talk (tears of joy) and then her friend baptized her. It was really great. I even made brownies for the baptism and everyone loves me here. I have really grown to love Abaetetuba. I will probably be transferred in a week and a half.

I was excited to hear that the Brandon thing didn't turn out to be too weird. But I'm am still waiting for the opinions of Ellis, Eliza, and Dan. I think its weird that Brooke is engaged.

In Brazil, people get married young. I have an investigator who has an uncle who is younger than her. They start having children early. There are a startling number of families that are broken here. I think it's sad. I really like being able to work to help these people have families that are strong and united.

All of the commandments make so much more sense here on my mission. All of them are tailored to prevent sadness, fear, hate, distrust, disrespect, and disunity. I think it's super important to understand the commandments on this level. At times we need to take a few small steps into the dark and exercise our faith, but the purpose of these steps into the dark is to find that light switch and in the end understand why God asked us to do something or not to.

So, I will continue to ramble a little bit more about this next week. We will have another baptism this Saturday. This week I really want to baptize more than one person and I hope that some of the men we are teaching will be prepared for baptism to.

Well, I'm out of time now. I haven't received a package yet. Maybe next week or the week after our transfers I will receive it : ) Thanks so much. Keep writing! I'll send a letter this week for sure!

Elder Clark

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