Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ben helps his companion use a non-nerdy accent and assures us of his safety

Sorry, Emma, for not writing very frequently.  I have been very short on time but I hope that your life is doing well.  It's pretty good here for me.  I have a new companion and I'm starting to like him more and more.  Funny story.  When he talks English he has a very nasally nerdy accent which I think is funny.  I told him that we would try to help him with the accent because he would never get a girlfriend in the U.S. with his accent   ; )  I really liked what you wrote about journal writing.  I have a hard time writing in my journal but I found what you said helpful.  Oh, and have you really been writing in your journal and reading the scriptures every day for the past year?!  Way cool parabems! (congrats!).  I love you and hope you have a wonderful week.
Love, Ben

Hey everyone,
This week has been interesting.  I tried to prepare a lesson for my district this last week and ended up not working out very well.  I planned a family night with a member family and brought investigators but I botched it, and it turned out a not being super organized, and we had a devotional that I was in charge of for the ward (like a ward family night called Noite Integração).  Unfortunately, none of these activities turned out super well.  But I guess that it's just a sign that I need to keep working at it and maybe spend more time preparing and planning.  Oh, do any of you have ideas for fun games that I could use for some of these ward activities or family nights?
So, in my area 3-4 people where murdered.  All of them 16-21 year old males.  In fact, one of them was killed last night a block away from our house just a few minutes before we got home 9:30 in the evening.  The guy who was murdered by our house was shot 8 times -- one in the chest and 7 in the face.  But don't worry, all of these guys were involved with drugs and had owed money to the drug dealers.  It's really not   way dangerous for regular people, but for the Ladrãos  (robbers) its really dangerous.  But don't worry I'm doing fine.    
I've attached a picture of Antonio and Rosa who are preparing to be baptized this next Saturday. Rosa is trying to quit smoking!  I also dedicated a house yesterday for Dayana who was baptized last week!!!
Oh, Antonio and Rosa gave us 7 packets of coffee after we taught them about the Word of Wisdom and burying your sins (see Anti-Nephi Lehi's).
I'm doing great and people are progressing.  Sorry that I didn't get to the really good stuff in this letter!
Sorry I'm out of time.  Got to go!!!
I love you guys !!!!

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