Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Stress of Success

Hey, this week has been interesting.

It's actually been really stressful.  You know it shouldn't be that bad because we have been baptizing a lot of people, but I am stressed that we won't continue to baptize.  We have very few really promising investigators and its been hard to find new ones.  They aren't progressing very well.  The sad thing is the other 7 companionships in my zone have baptized fewer people than my area combined.  

I am sorry about the photos.  They are not cooperating with me these days.  

Rosa and Antonio were baptized this last week!!!  I ate cake.  And Rosa stopped smoking. It took her more than two months to stop but she finally made it.  

We had 6 recent converts receive the priesthood this Sunday !!!!  The confirmations and ordinations to the priesthood were fast and not personal at all.  I'm hoping to help change this in the future in this ward.  

I'm out of time, but I love you all!!!

Oh, the water situation got fixed!!!

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