Monday, June 25, 2012

President Campos' last goodbye, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey, Dad, thanks for the emails.  Today was a bit interesting because we went to Belém for President Campos´ last goodbye/hurrah.  We got back just a little bit ago. 

I have been having an interesting week. My companion is a bit fubeca and that has been a little bit trying. 

I have become more and more acquainted with Macumba -- some sort of devil-worshiping African religion.   And a bunch of our investigators are starting to reveal problems that are really beyond my capacity to deal with.  I am trying to better my studies and prayers because I feel like everything is falling through and I can’t do it all alone. 

But today has been great.   The dispedido da president [president’s farewell] was pretty good.  He is a very inspired man and I will definitely apply what he has taught me throughout my life.  When I got into the field in California I was confronted with all this “deep doctrine” -- you know, when people talk about where the three Nephites are or if Cain is Bigfoot.  I really didn’t like that, and thankfully Pres. Campos has been able to help me direct my studies of the gospel,  find more purpose and meaning to the basic principles of the gospel.  I always liked the simple parts of the gospel more than the other stuff.  Today Sister Campos said something really cool today about the Book of Mormon.  You all should read the Intro to the Book of Mormon as a family.  There is a paragraph that I like a lot.  Joseph Smith bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon and said that it was more correct than any other book on the face of the earth and that by following its precepts we will come closer to God than following teaching from any other book.  It made me remember something that a visiting branch president said in the MTC.  He told us to focus on the Book of Mormon because it is the most effective tool in conversion.  He told us that we should send our Bibles home because during the mission the Book of Mormon is the converting tool.  So we should give more attention to the Book of Mormon.  Here we read 2 chapters a day in the Book of Mormon.  It’s something I really like.  It has been strengthening my testimony. 

I hope everything is going well there in Moscow and that your summer will be nice and relaxing.  Iwill read your letters later today and try to respond with a written letter.  I love you guys and hope all your wildest dreams come true!

I really am starting to like my area.  It’s very pretty  and the members are becoming more helpful and friendly.

Love you Dad!

P.S. If you see Liz again before she leaves, tell her I said hi and wish that her Russian spy endeavors turn out well for her!

Love, Ben

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