Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Feliz Natal

Hey everyone!
I´m doing great and working hard.  Me and my companion are meeting more of our goals (except baptisms -- working on that).  We have been teaching lessons like crazy.  This last week we had a meeting in Belém for Christmas.  All the missionaries from the state Pará were there and it was cool to talk to other missionaries.  I got to talk to some Americans, and that was nice.  I don't get to speak English here and when members or investigators ask me to speak in English, I don't know what to say (they don't understand anyway so I feel kind of weird doing it).  It's funny how much thinking it takes now to speak English.  The language is coming along, and I can communicate with people a lot better.  But people still get hung up on my accent from time to time.  I'll say something and they won't understand.  My companion will repeat what I said (I hear the same sounds) and they will understand.  A bit frustrating, but it's getting better with time.  
Right now all the mangoes are turning ripe so I'm getting pretty excited to pick more in the street. Speaking of adventures food-wise: as of today I have eaten alligator, shark, and what I understood when it was described to me (after I ate it ) as a R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size).   
Transfers are coming up soon and that's kind of scary for me because it is more than likely that my comp will be moved (he has been in this area for 5 months) and I will have to carry a lot more weight in the companionship with planning and remembering names and all that stuff.  But that's all right.  It will be an adventure. 
So I'm out of time but it was great to talk to you guys (family) on Sunday and I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!
Elder Clark

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