Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Good Week

Today has been crazy. The internet wasn't working this morning so this is the second attempt. First of all Happy b-day Mom! and Emma happy Birthday early!

This past week has been good. I have really started to build a friendship with Elder Silva.  It's tons better and it wasn´t fast, but I guess some things just take time. 

We didnt have any baptisms this week.  I feel like we are doing much better though we are meeting more
and more of our goals each week and we have a few good looking baptismal dates (with investigators). Unfortunately we have 4 investigators that have problems with getting permission from their parents.  We have been praying and fasting but I want to do more.  I really want to show the families that our church is not super wierd, we are not devil worshipers, we are christians, and the goal of everything we do is to bring families eternal happiness. 

The only bad part about this past week was the dvisions we did.  I went to Barcarena and worked for a day with Elder Miranda, an elder from São Paulo who is a bit chubby (he is very particular about his food).  It
was fun but I didnt know what I could eat over there in the other elders' apartment and didn't really want to ask so I didnt really eat unless something was offered (that wasnt much).  The funny thing was I had bought a bunch of really good food and it was just waiting for me back at my apartment.  And when I got back my district leader had eaten half of my loaf of bread and opened my mild and doce de leite.  Grrrr.  but I got over it.  There are tons of mangos here they are all green and some are turning yellow.  I've been walking under them for a few weeks now willing them to turn yellow so i can eat some. 

Well I'm super excited for Christmas but also not.  It won't really be the same and after Christmas we can't teach any lessons with Mundo Feliz  (joy to the world video).

Oh I went running with Elder Silva again and it was better.  I still have to teach him about building endurance. I think we went about 4 km but I'm not sure it's hard to tell.  He apparently has a week cardiovascular system because of all the painting he did before his mission (he worked as a car painter).  I'll try to get him up to par by the next transfer.  Oh, and running at sea level is worlds easier.  We also don't have sidewalks here.  It's all random without any rules so I make running into somesort of obstacle race, I like to think of it as urban trail

Well, that's my week.  I hope everything is going great!

Merry Christmas!

Elder Clark

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