Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This week was a lot better

Hey everyone,
I was really excited to hear about the new callings and stuff.  I really don't have time, but I think about you guys all the time -- probably a little too much.  But the family is my motivation for my work here and I'm trying to channel that into baptisms and strengthening the church here and the members.  Please tell Aunt Lauren thanks and that it's a lot harder than you would think not to eat poop here!  I got the test result back and I don't have a parasite, but if something comes up again the doctor told me to come back.  I feel pretty good health-wise but really weak fitness-wise.  It's hard to workout and stay awake during study and lessons, so I'm trying to find a balance.
This week was a lot better than they have been for a while.  I am not sick anymore, all my stomach problems are gone (but I'm still afraid to eat açai which I think was giving me some problems).  I´m getting along with Elder R. Silva much better and I've decided it's all about attitude.  So, I decided to jump in and it's getting a lot better --  not all at once, little by little. 
Big events.  We had a meetinghouse dedication in Vila Descobanos last week that was pretty cool.   The whole district was there helping out, giving tours, and contacting people on the street.  I contacted all day in the sun and got pretty red (but not burned really bad).  I went and talked to a guy walking down the street and introduced myself and invited him to the dedication that night.  And when I asked him his name, after a mumbled response he said he didn't know and walked off.  I think he had mental problems.  The funny thing is its hard for me to tell here because I don't know Portuguese very well, and it's easy for me to miss changes in speech patterns and stuff.  I have a super hard time identifing drunks (that's a story for another time.)
We have a bunch of investigators but we have a super hard time getting them to progress or even finding them to teach.  This last week was pretty sad: 12 lessons total and 0 progressing.  We had a lot of zeros this week, but we are hopeful for this month.  Our goal for baptisms is 12, yeah, thats right, 12.  That's a lot of work.  We are going to have to study and focus really hard on helping our investigators. 
We did service last week cleaning out what may be an apartment for another set of missionaries in Abaete. 
I lost my voice and have the craziest runny nose you can imagine. But, I think it's getting a bit better.
Well, I got a ton of letters this week and the flat package for Natal!  Thanks, everyone, for sending letters!
Love you all.  I'm really sending 2 letters today.  I got letters up to 23 of November.  Well, out of time.
Elder Clark

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