Monday, February 20, 2012

Danger in Abaetetuba

So, last week was very interesting.  I´ve decided that transfers and zone conferences should never fall in the same week.

We got back to Abaetetuba Wednesday night and right when we where walking up the stairs one of our neighbors ran in crying hysterically.  Her son had apparently just been killed.  Yeah, so Abaetetuba is a bit dangerous right now.  Our neighbor was shot and killed by a drug addict female, 13 years old.  It happened in an area that we work frequently.  In the same part of the city, the same guy that was molesting the family of one of our investigators cut off the hand of a man that was working security in the street.  The other security guard guy shot him three times and he is in prison now.  Hopefully, things will settle down now. But all that stuff happened before Carnival started, so we will see.  Carnival has been alright so far, we haven't had any trouble yet.

Our baptisms fell through and none of our investigators progressed this week.  All of the investigators with a baptismal date didn't show up for church, and the youth are on a camping trip, so there were only 70 people at church.  I was really bummed and scared that our investigators where angry with us or something.  It turns out they weren't.  There was just some bad comunication and their ride didn't wait for them.  Sad, but we hope to have a baptism this week.

My new comp is alright.  He tries to speak in English but he has a super thick accent.  He sounds like he has a serious speech impediment when he speaks in English or like he is super drunk.  In Portuguese, you don't move your lips much, it's strange, like mumbling.  Your sounds in the languages come out very differently.  It's weird showing another missionary around.  I've been doing almost everything.  He has a year and 7 months on the mission.  I hope we can learn to work and teach better together. 

So that's about it.  I forgot my camera in the mission home so I don't have as much time as usual to write.  Love you all.  Talk to you later!

I'll be safe don't worry.  ; )


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