Wednesday, February 29, 2012


First of all, don't worry about me.  Carnival is over and it wasn't even that bad.  We taught our neighbors and they seem interested (the neighbors with a son that died).  We had a record number of lessons (17!) with members, and 14 others, and 10 with less-active or recent converts.  So, that was really good.

I also had a cool experience with a less-active that I found a few weeks ago.  She has a pretty rough life right now (more socially and spiritually than financially).  I shared some personal experiences with her about how God allows us to have difficulties and challenges, but these things will make us stronger, better people and help us be the best we can be IF we choose to learn and change.  I think my experiences helped her have more hope.  It was pretty cool.  We had a few appointments fall through, and I felt like we should visit her.  It was perfect timing because she was going to move to a different state the next day.

Thanks for all of your letters.  I haven't gotten my camera back yet.  My zone leaders didn't remember to bring it back from Belem so the letter is pretty short.  Sorry.
I'll try to write another mission-ties letter today!  

Love you all!

Elder Clark

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