Monday, February 13, 2012

Nineteen Investigators in Sacrament Meeting -- Yep, 19

Mom:  Package stuff:  The shoes that I left in the car would be nice.  Oh, and a small how-to guide for yoga.  I want to start doing yoga as part of my exercise in the mornings.  Oh, and Mapeline (for syrup).  I think that's about it and if you can send some more harmonica music -- hymns or fun folk spirituals, you know, some blues/gospel harmonica music would be awesome.  Well, that's it.  I hope that's not too much or too expensive.   Love you.  You're the best mom ever!

So, I'll start off with the worldly stuff and move to the spiritual stuff near the end.  So, I saw my first big spider a week ago.  It was in the hall outside our apartment.  Elder R. Silva said that it couldn't kill people.  It was about the size of my hand spread.  I attached a pic.  I also had jacá -- a fruit.  We ate a pudding of jacá at a member's house (Irmão Cloudio e Irma Socorro).  It was awesome.  I took a pic with the fruit and attached it as well. 

Transfers:  I will stay here in the paradise of Abaetetuba for at least another 6 weeks.  I'm super excited.  I have really grown to like it here.  My new comp will be Elder Ararujo.  I have yet to meet him.  Apparently, he is really funny.

Culanary Triumph!!!  [Sue's note: I just can't edit that spelling.  It just makes me smile.  ;  ) ]  Well, I made corn bread and it was super good.  Then I tried again and I guess the baking powder didn't work and it didn't rise at all.  So it was more like a brick of rubbery cornmeal, but surprisingly tasty!  I had to be careful, though, because it was really dense.

We didnt have any baptisms, but we did have a lot of success.  We had 19 investigators at church on Sunday. Yup, 19.  10 of them have a baptismal date for the 18th or the 25th.  They are all super cool and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to stay.  We have been working with the branch and with less actives.  I hope we can help them keep progressing.  The new branch president is great.  He is organized and is getting everyone to work hard.  We have one super special investigator named Manuel.  He is 40-ish and works at night, something with security in the streets.  I get the idea that it's like a neighborhood watch thing.  He is really receptive and wants to have more joy and be closer to Christ, so it's been great to teach him.  Lately he has been having some problems.  His son was almost stabbed by some drug addict who stole two of their bikes to sell for drugs.  He has been preoccupied with the safety of his family for the last few days.  The day this stuff all started, we stopped by and I think he was about to do something rash, but we told him to pray about it and that he would know what to do.  Things have wound down now and he went to church and he loved it.  He forgave the ladrão  (robber) and I hope that we can baptize him and his grandson on the 25th.

Well, that's it for now.  Love you all!

Have a great week.

Elder Clark

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