Thursday, May 24, 2012

Speaking in Church on Short Notice

Hey, sorry this letter will be really short.  I have been working through lots of problems with a member here and I used a lot of time to write the President of the Mission.  
I thought I would forget all of this crazy stuff that's happening here, and write a short letter about last Sunday.  So we had quite a few people at church with us -- a family that we will marry/baptize these next few weeks, and a bunch of other really promising investigators.
When I got to church, the Secretary told me that I had a talk to give --  Speaker #3 and I had to fill 20 minutes.  Yeah, so that was a surprise.  My talk didn't end up being spectacular, and it didnt help that the mic in that chapel is really scratchy and hard to understand.  During my talk the 3 year old son of the familly that will get married and baptized started to hand me all my books and my bag over the pulpit.  So that was pretty funny.  I love you all.

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