Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last Letter from Abaetetuba, April 30, 2012

So, I've been doing pretty well.  I said a lot of goodbyes yesterday and gave a talk, and taught the Gospel Principles class.  It's kind of sad that I'm leaving right now because my comp and I have started to click with our lessons and they have been pretty good.

I gave a tie to an investigator yesterday.  I baptized his two sons a few months ago.  The sad thing is he is not progressing and he is on the verge of falling back into his old life.  When I talked to him yesterday he was with his new girlfriend (bad news!!!) and I think he was a little drunk.  You know, when people just start to drink and they act just a little more talkative and are a little more touchy.  Yeah.  I hope the tie will motivate him to keep learning and go to church and especially help his sons have a better life.

I taught a drug addict that works in the marketplace gutting fish (he is really good with a knife).

We baptized Thiago, a grandson of a member here, Irmão Antonio.  I taught him how to baptize (he is a priest) but he forgot during the baptism and Thiago ended up being baptized 5 time until he got it right.  It turned out well though.

I am so thankful for your letters.  Keep them coming.  One letter to you all should get sent today.  I have been swamped with packing and stuff today but I will try to write a letter or today.

I will be transfered to the Cuidade Nova Zone and my new comp will be Elder S.  I think the area is close to Belem and has a very large chapel (big switch!).

I'll try to send pics next week.  I love you all and hope that the Hawaii trip turns out great!  If you could set up a skype account and info, I can talk to you all with skype on Mother's Day, but I'll see what happens in the
[letter cut off here]

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