Monday, April 23, 2012

Thinking about "Prestar Contas"

So this week was interesting.  My comp is pretty sick right now.  His symptoms are about the same as mine when I got here and was sick.  So, he has spent the past two days in the apartment, only leaving for church. 

We did a split with young men in the ward.  We have also made a bunch of progress with a few of the families we are teaching.  I am a bit bummed though, because a few of the people I baptized are having difficulty going to church.  But over all, I think that I'm making a difference here. 

Thanks for the letters.  I got about 5 this last week!  Thanks Grandma Campbell, Katherine, Mom and Dad, and Dan your interview was great ; ).   

I was thinking about the story of your life, Mom, and was wondering did you finish?  [no!] And, Dad, I think it would be way cool if you could write some letters about your youth, events that sculpted your character.  Just a thought.

I have been noticing my work here changing, sometimes for good, and sometimes for worse.  I have been thinking a lot about how I need to "prestar contas," self-evaluate daily in order to continue improving.  Daily scripture study and prayer are two ways we need to self-evaluate and report our progress with our Heavenly Father.  When we forget to self-evaluate each day, we fall, and at times find ourselves at the bottom of hole with a lot of work ahead.  I have been sharing a scripture with the members here after we eat with them about this: Ether 2:4-6, I can't remember exactly.  But the brother of Jared forgot to pray, and for 4 years his people stayed in the mediocre land and didn't get direction from the Lord to continue on to the promised land.  When the brother of Jared started to pray again after the Lord corrected him, they got help and direction again to obtain their promised land and blessings.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Clark

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