Thursday, April 5, 2012

P-day in Villa Dos Cabanos

So, this past week was pretty good.  I have been frustrated off and on, but I feel like things are getting better.  Lots of ward members were happy that I was not transferred.  In fact some of the ward members told me that they have wanted other elders to be transferred because they have been annoying.  Well, that's something I hope they never say about me.  I want people to remember my name when leave here and have good memories of me.  I hear about other missionaries that served here and the stories aren't always the best.  It makes me sad to see some missionaries not working hard and sometimes setting a bad example for others.

Ellis! Getting married, eh?  Good luck.  I hope that everything works out and doesn't end up being something super stressful.  I'm bummed that I wont be able to be there for the wedding.  But that's alright.  Where will you guys get married?  I wonder how Dan is taking it.

I got the package today.  We had a zone p-day today where we went to Villa Dos Cabanos.  That's why this letter is late.  It wasn't planned very well and started late, and the highway was closed for construction so the bus ride turned out to be longer than usual.  But, there we watched the Book of Mormon, the movie.  It was super bad -- you know, when people are trying to be serious, but it just turns out to be ridiculous and a little bit uncomfortable in a funny way.  It reminded me of Conan the Barbarian.  Then, we had a lunch that would have been better here in Abaete.  But, it was nice to spend time with other missionaries.  We now have 4 Americans in my zone including me!

So, last week was a bit sad because we didn't get a baptism, but it had good parts.  I planned a noite integração  (Wednesday night activity for the ward).  It was scripture charades.  It ended with my group who did a reenactment of King Benjamin's speech.  I bore a testimony afterwards about general conference and made a pretty good connection between the speech King Benjamin gave (the first general conference) and reminded the members that we should keep our tents facing the temple, or in this case, our families facing the temple always working with the goal of eternal families.  The goal of the mission is to create a temple district and have a temple in Belem.  Everyone was praying for a temple and our mission closed with 235 baptisms for the month over the past record by more than 50.  I had 6 of those.  As you all saw the temple w...  [message cuts off here.  I think he was about to say that a temple was NOT announced at General Conference.]

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