Monday, April 9, 2012

Letters to Dad and Mom from Abaetetuba after Holy Week

Hey Dad,

I'm doing pretty well here.  We have kind of had a slow past few weeks because of Semana Santa [Holy Week].  We have had appointments fall through day after day.  But, things are doing better.  I am working better with Elder A. and my Portuguese is doing a lot better.  

I frequently go on divisions with a priest in the ward (Elielson).  We have become pretty good friends.  He is 17 and likes to talk and tell stories.  He helps a lot with pronunciation and some small grammar things that I mess up frequently.  We were doing a split yesterday and a man on a bike stopped to talk with us.  He was interesting and he gave me a ring -- it was kind of weird -- he told me not to throw it away, but later that night I gave it to the other priest that was helping with the splits.  

I also had a pretty great experience this Sunday.  I had invited a couple to come to church and they came.  They have been "dropped investigators" for a whole transfer, but I ended up talking to them last Sunday and gave a nice lesson on faith based on Ether.  The wife told the Relief Society that the only reason why she came was because I was so persistent with them.  I think it is nice how I have been able to develop good relationships with people.  I hope they with visit again, but this time because they liked church not just because of me!

Well, I'm out of time.  Love you, Dad!


Hey Mom,

Sorry.  Last week the time ran out on the computer a few minutes before I thought it should have, and I only had time to click "send."  I was a little worried that it didn't get sent.  

I'm glad things are working out for everyone.  I think that it will be an adventure for Ellis and Brandon.  I think they will make do with some sort of improvised furniture.  In fact, I look forward to making furniture for my future abodes.  

Eliza talked to me a few weeks ago about how she would love it if I attended BYU with her when I get back.  I thought about that a bit and I think it sounds great. I don't know how I should apply though.  I think that I need to be smart about the application (maybe use the hockey team as a bit of leverage).  But, I don't have to waste too much time thinking about that for a while.  Speaking of things that are a long way off, when you said last week that you would like to pick me up, I thought that sounded really great.  And, traveling to Manaus by boat sounds great.  In about a year, I will talk to the Mission President about it. 

Love you!


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