Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"I Ate Cow Tongue" & Random Advice to Siblings

So, I'm here in an internet cafe and the key board I am using has problems with the "a" and "d" keys.  [Sue:  I'm doing a lot of editing of stray a's and d's here.]  It's pretty annoying. I'm glad that you all got my letters. I have a few more that I hope to send this week. 

I am doing much better with Elder A.  We are much more comfortable with each other now.  We can give constructive criticism, and that is important.  It is interesting.... he had an interesting experience in the church (converted at 11 years, and went inactive, then returned).  It's a bit more juicy than that, but I won't say much more. 

We have been working hard and helped an investigator, Ronildo, build his house.  I already talked about him a few months ago (19, married to a member, 1 baby boy).  He is pretty close to baptism now. 

Sorry, this will be really short.  I'll write a big letter today.  I'm glad things are working out there and it makes me so happy to read your letters and about your lives.  Keep working hard.

I ate cow tongue yesterday.  That was interesting.  Unfortunately, I saw it being prepared, so that put a damper on the experience. ( ;

I'm working hard.  It's not easy here, but that's part of the blessing.

Ellis, good luck!!

Emma, destroy those ISAT's!!

Dan, keep working out and don't play video games!!

Eliza, show calc who's boss!!

Mom, Dad, you're the best!!!

I love you all!!!


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