Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anticipating a Reassignment and Ivan the Spider


Family, thanks for the letters.  They are great.  I'm excited to get my visa or reassignment this week.  We have a chart up on the board in our classroom with everyone's guesses.  Sister Rust had a unanimous vote for Temple Square.  I on the other hand am personally hoping that I will be sent to New York City.  I think it would be a cool experience.  Plus, I told Elder Klem that if I ran into his girlfriend who lives there that I would convert her  ; ). I'm excited to leave the MTC and get out there in the field.  I get my reassignment tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me!  
Well I hope everything is going well there.  This last weekend has been crazy with Conference.  I feel like I haven't done much in the last week because half the time I was just hanging out between sessions.  
Oh, you will probably enjoy this.  Me and my roommates captured a wolf spider and named it Ivan the Gravelord II.  This one is small compared to Ivan the Original, but this new one is pretty vicious.  We put a fly -- one of those longer ones --  in there and watched as Ivan climbed a twig and then deftly executed a leap from the top of the twig in the bottle onto the fly.  After grappling for a bit, Ivan put the fly (which was at least 3 times his size) in a death grip with his fangs imbedded in the fly's chest.  Tt was pretty sweet to watch.  After the fly finally died, Ivan removed the legs, wings, and head and started sucking the juices out of the fly's body.  It was an amazing spectacle of nature.
Mom, it sounds like tons of fun to teach one on one.  It's the Old Testament this year, right?  That was my least favorite subject in seminary, but I really enjoyed learning about it anyway.  I got your package yesterday.  It was great.  I also got a package of cookies from the Nielsons (M&B).  They were really good.  I don't know what to do with all of the food I have here.  I have 2 lbs of chocolate just sitting on my desk.  I really hope that my visa comes in soon because I need to go on a fish and fruit diet to lose some lbs.  The honey looks really good.  Thanks mom!  The shorts are great too, but maybe a tad to long.  I'll think about hemming them but probably won't ever get around to it.
I got a hair cut yesterday.  It looks pretty good, but I could be mistaken for a military officer.  Oh, and I saw Sarah Nielson in the laundry room this morning and gave her a very cheerful greeting!  

Well, I'm out of time, but I will send a paper letter today.  Oh and I hope you all like the story about the wolf spider, Ivan.  I will probably have many more horrific stories of spiders really soon!
Love you all!,  Ben

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