Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Ton Going On, but that's the Same

Hey everyone!

I'm doing great here.  There is a ton going on.  We teach a lot of lessons and I've been trying to memorize D&C Section 4.  I've almost got the whole thing.   
The honey looks really good.  I was excited to hear all about Ellis's letter. I am really wanting to start teaching real people.  Thanks for the letters.  I'm glad to hear you all watched Adjustment Bureau.  I saw that movie with Katherine right before I left.  Super good.  I really like the idea that there is someone watching out for us and guiding us, but that we can choose our own paths and shape our own lives.  
Nothing really crazy has happened here in the last week.  Just the same old, same old.  I am practicing a song to perform in Sacrament Meeting the week after Conference. I'm supposed to sing tenor in a quartet with Elder Crook (bass), Sister Tiechert (piano), Sister Miles (soprano and also the grand-daughter of Elder Nelson, Quorum of the 12), and Sister Soh (alto).  I can't remember the name of the song but it sounds really good.  
I got to do sealings today in the temple.  That was really cool.  The old sealer was pretty funny and it was overall just a really nice experience.  I was a proxie for 7 sons and I was a witness for quite a few more names.  I forgot my recommend though, so Elder Childs and I had to go back and get it (a half-mile walk).  
I have more to say.  I'll write a paper letter in a day or two with more.  Apparently they are starting to get things moving with the Brazilian Consulate, so I may not get a temporary reassignment.
Well, talk to you all later!  Love you,

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