Monday, October 10, 2011

Conference and Thoughts about the Universe

Dear Family,

Conference was great.  It’s a lot easier to stay awake at the MTC.  I drew a lot of pictures while listening to stay awake and I think they are pretty good.  I’ll send some home soon.  Dan, here’ s some drawing advice: be patient and use an eraser almost as much as you use your pencil. 

My favorite talk from conference would have to be Elder Uchtdorf’s talk (I think it was in Priesthood, maybe not, I liked both).  I liked when he talked about flying and seeing millions of stars.  He illustrated the grandeur and beauty of the world and the universe, and though it is larger and even more beautiful than we can comprehend, God has a special and specific love for each of us his children.  We may be nothing compared to the universe through our eyes, but through God’s we are the most beautiful and precious creations of His.  Sometimes we have a hard time (at least I do) understanding how great God is.  Sometimes he is subconsciously played down in my mind because we are taught that we can become like God.  But this talk and a scripture in Moses helped me understand a little better.  I love the part in Moses when he speaks to God, he is transfigured and he sees the Lord’s beauty and majesty but not through earthly eyes, through spiritual eyes. 

Why do you think we are God’s greatest creations?  What makes our souls more precious than any other?  I think there are two reasons.  The first is that we are made in His image, we are of the same design, the same blood as God our Heavenly Father.  The second is because the purpose is to be happy and happiness is the product of a shared experience (thanks, Grandpa Clark) and God made us to be happy and wants us to be happy with him. 

Just like nature, it steps up in beauty when you step back and look at the whole thing.  Everything together makes beauty. 

Dad, I thought it was funny that President Monson used the same [New York Times] article you did [in your fireside talk].  I read it last week and thought it was pretty interesting.  During President Monson’s talk, some of my district looked over at me with a look like “is your dad for real? That’s the same article.”  (I had shown them the article after I finished reading it. )  My response was with another look like, “Yeah, that’s the same article and he is for real.”  : )  They keep asking me, how you’re not a General Authority. 

It sounds like everything is going well back home.  I weighed myself a week ago and I was 168 lbs with all my clothes.  That’s the most I have ever weighed.  There is just too much food here.

Well I’m all out of time.  I love you guys! 


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