Monday, January 9, 2012

Ben Meets Marcelo

So, this week was pretty good, but our baptism fell through.  Our investigator left town and apparently had a relapse so we couldn´t finish teaching him.  But we are hopeful that he will be ready this week.  We also have a daughter of an inactive member (inactive for 15 some odd years).  Well, both of them love church so it looks like we will baptize her this week too. 

Last week I was kind of freaking out internally, but we had a zone training from President Campos and the
AP's.  It was really good.  I realized that I was a little preocupied with me and I wasn't loving the people as much as I should.  So, I've been focusing on my relationships with members and pesquisadores (investigators).  I feel a lot better and am much more happy. 

On our way back from the training, we were on the bus (its about an hour from Vila, where we had the training, to Abaetetuba) when we passed the mill (the huge industrial part between the cities that produce aluminum products).  A man sat down next to me.  He works at the mill.  I did a contact with him.  His name is Marcelo, and I ended up talking to him for the rest of the bus ride -- a good 45 minutes.  I invited him to church and said that we would stop by to see him and his family and teach them.  It was really cool.  He was pretty interested and had gone to church a few times years ago.  So, after that, I stopped by his house this last Sunday with a member while we were doing divisions and talked with his mom.  That was really great.  Marcelo wasn't there but he apparently had tried to go to church but things came up.  His mom said that Marcelo had told her about me and how great I was (that was super cool).  She has a known missionaries before and has a really high opinion of them.  So I hope this ends up going somewhere. So that is what has been happening.

Mom, can you send a corn bread recipe and another for oatmeal pancakes?  I love you guys and will try super hard to send a letter today.  Oh, Mom, can you start forwarding my weekly letters to Katherine? Well, I think that's about it.  Oh, Eliza and Emma, you two are in charge of finding good instrumentals and Tabernacle Choir music to send to me via email.  You can attach one or two songs at a time and I can play
them in my apartment with these nifty speakers that play music mp3's from thumb drives!

Love you, Dan, Emma, Eliza, Ellis, Dad, and Mom!!!!!

Thanks for the Happy B-Days!!

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