Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey! I'm 20 Whaaaaat!

So, this week was pretty good.  The beginning was a little stressful.  We have been getting a fair amount of pressure from our leaders (I think it's deserved) because our zone has a goal to divide two branches and construct a stake here.  This means a lot of reactivation and baptisms.  Right now we have about 100 people that come to church each week.  Our goal is 150.  We haven't had a baptism in about 3 months and that is not cool -- almost unheard of, even with missionaries that don't follow the rules.  So I've been thinking why haven't we baptized anyone?  Am I unworthy or disobedient, is God holding back blessings because every once and a while I brush my teeth at 10:31?  Well, I've decided it's not that.  Our small rules are really important but there is more to converting people than being perfect with our schedule in our apartment.  It's more about showing God's love through our actions.  This week I´ve been focusing on my relationships with members and investigators.  It has helped a lot.  I feel more happy and this week we had more results.  I'm not perfect, but I try and that is what counts.  
Our baptism fell through because our investigator (Larissa) didn't tell us she had a problem with drinking coffee.  We found out after the baptismal interview.  It was kind of a shock because we had talked about it quite a few times and taught it clearly.  Just one of those things, I guess, that keeps you on your toes.  The cool thing though is that she understands now and everything will work out this week, and her sister Jessica is going to get baptized too.  It was like it was all planned so that they could get baptized together.
We also had a unmarried family come to church.  Whoot!  Now the members can help them get married and then baptized!!  I was super happy when they walked in.
House keeping. I got my Christmas package with Grandpa´s tie (everyone made a comment when I wore it for my b-day) and that light and thermometer -- that was way cool.  Thanks.  I also got dad's reflections on his mission.  That was really cool to read.  Dad, I laughed when you mentioned the breast feeding being uncomfortable.  That's a very common thing here --  during lessons, church, in the street.  The population here is really young too.  A lot of people having kids.  We have quite a few investigators that are under 18 with a kid or 2.    I haven't received those letters from mission ties yet.  They are probably in the mission office and I'll get them this week.  I got the hammocks -- I got a blue one, pretty cool.  I'll try those recipes this week --  thanks, mom.  And Dan, your picture was great.  Emma, your letter is super long.  Thanks.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read it yet. 
For my b-day I had a fruit cake that Elder Silva got in a Christmas package.  It was actually pretty good.  I'm not sure how Grandma Campbell's would compare, but you definitely would not pay a lot for it in a restaurant.   A few people sang to me (pesquisadores and members).  I even ate a Clif Bar to celebrate.
So, that's all I've got time for right now.  I sent a letter last week and will try to send one today!
Love you all!

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