Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Shoes are Wearing Out

So, Howdie!

This past week has been an adventure.  I've been getting a lot better with Portuguese, but it's still a struggle at times to understand exactly what people are saying.  There are a lot of meanings and feelings that I miss when people ask me questions of talk in general.  Usually it is worse with questions directed at me because it really shows how much I understand.

Big news.  We found out that one of our investigators was...is? a drug trafficker. And it started to make a lot more sense how he was always hard to find at home or not occupied with traveling.  But we have been working hard. 

My shoes are almost destroyed completely.  I think they have maybe a month left to live.  We walk a lot on sand, pavement, dirt, the equivalent to gravel/dirt roads here are really hard on shoes.  I think we walked more than 8 miles a day. Oh, and we went running twice this last week and our goal this week is to run 3 times this next week.   I am getting really fat.  The members here are too nice to missionaries.   I eat and eat and feel guilty for not eating as much as they expect me to (which is significantly more than I would eat back home).   I weigh 171 lbs -- that is a new record for me, unfortunately its not all muscle in fact I think that I have lost a significant amount of muscle.   So I'm working harder in the mornings to exercise.

I was really excited last week to get letters.  I got a big old stack.  It was great.  I also got a package from Barbara Nielson for x-mas that was a treat.  Tell her thanks a ton for me!!!  I sent a letter today for real, and I'm out of time now. I love you all, keep working hard!


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